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Davidson Family History Index

Over the years we have gathered a wealth of Davidson family history articles in our archives, and we are keen to share what we know and also to learn from others in order to add to our collection of Davidson stories and illustrations.

To make it easy to browse for Davidson ancestors (and also Davison, Davies, Dawson and Day family stories), we have compiled an illustrated index of Davidsons featured in our journal articles.

Beginning with “Origins and history of the Clan”, the remaining are grouped under the two topics below. The index pages show the author and year in which the article was published.

If you would like more information about any of the articles, or have some related information about your own family history,

Artefacts at the Clan Davidson room at Tulloch Castle

Discoveries & Acquisitions

As well as Davidson related articles, we maintain a display of pictures, objects, and posters relating to the Clan and the Name of Davidson, housed in the Clan Davidson Room at Tulloch Castle.

Membership 1912

The Clan Dhai was formed in 1909 and soon raised an international membership. In 1912, the Clan published its membership listing. It is this listing which we have republished here.

Today, as we collect family trees and help new members to research their family history, we have found this original membership listing to be useful for identifying Davidsons from many different families.

We consider the early Clan membership information to be one of our important databases and felt that it should be shared as widely as possible. Clan Dhai Members from 1912 for whom we already hold data in our other collections, such as Portraits, Arms and Family Trees are identified with a *.

We plan to update this indicator on a regular basis.

Heraldry & the Davidsons

Written by Charles Davidson, Edinburgh, and Nick Hide, London, for those who are curious but not knowledgeable in the Heraldry of the names Davidson, Davison and Dawson.