The Clan Davidson Association recently acquired this portrait following its sale by auction in the USA.

Gwendoline Davidson was the wife of Duncan Davidson 6th, last Laird of Tulloch Castle. She was born in 1865 at Norton Court, Gloucestershire, a daughter of the Mackenzie of Farr family. Gwendoline outlived her husband by almost 26 years, and died in 1943 at Tulloch Castle, Dingwall.

This beautiful miniature is painted on an ivory base, mounted inside an oval gold frame, which is inscribed “Gwendoline wife of Duncan Davidson of Tulloch, 3rd October 1892”
The date is not, as might be thought, either Gwendoline’s birthday or her marriage date, but it is Duncan’s 27th birthday, so perhaps this item was a birthday gift from Gwendoline to her husband?