The Chief of the Clan Davidson, Grant Davidson, was clearing his parents home in New Zealand in October 2016, when he found an old, damaged, photo album.

The origin of this album and its contents were initially unknown. Subsequent research indicates that this collection of photos was possibly assembled by the Chief’s great grandfather, Hector Francis Davidson, when he made a trip to Scotland in the early 1900s.

The photographs

The images of Tulloch Castle are an important clue. They clearly show the building as a part ruin, which was restored and redeveloped in 1890/91 to the Castle we can still recognise today.

The Castle Entrance Gateway has sadly been demolished, and the gardens, which were considered important until the 1930s, have now all but disappeared. However, these photos provide a glimpse into an era when Tulloch Castle had a magnificent garden and tree collection.

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