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Heraldry & The Davidsons
Written by Charles Davidson, Edinburgh, and Nick Hide, London, for those who are curious but not knowledgeable in the Heraldry of the names Davidson, Davison and Dawson.
1. History and Origins of the Davidson Arms
Heraldry & The Davidsons Davidsons have used heraldry since the sixteenth century as a unique display of their identity. We can trace Davidson arms as far back as 1575 and see how common motifs and symbols used by Davidson families have developed and mutated over time.
Do you know why Davidson Arms often depict a Stag or Arrow Head [Pheons] or why the Davison arms often use Cinquefoils? Explore this section and discover the origins of some the motifs and some of the mottos associated with Davidson and Davison arms.

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2. Records at
The Lyon Court, Edinburgh
The College of Arms, London
The Lyon Court, EdinburghThe College of Arms, London Do you know if any of your ancestors used arms?
Do you know how to find out?
We have compiled a listing of some of the grants made to Davidsons, Davisons and Dawsons by the Lyon Court in Edinburgh and the College of Arms in London.

Why not explore this section to view pictures of Davidson arms. See if you can spot the similarities and differences in the use of symbols by Davidsons from the sixteenth century to the present day.

WHAT'S NEW? Pictures of a bookplate, memorial and escutcheons for Sir David Davidson of Cantray [Vol 1.663] and a new image for Mistress Jean Davidson (married name Randall) [Vol 68.111]

The escutcheon found on Cantray bridge dates from 1774, and precedes the 1788 grant by the Lyon Court.
The Jean Davidson item is a relatively modern grant, which has recently been published in her obituary in TAK TENT, the newsletter of The Heraldry Society of Scotland.

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3. Davidson Armorial Symbols used on Buildings, Memorials & Domestic Items
Davidson Armorial Symbols used on Buildings, Memorials & Domestic Items Would you recognise Davidson Arms if you saw them on a building?
Do you have arms on your family silver?
Did your ancestors use arms on their bookplates?

Discover the many forms which the Davidson, Davison and Dawson arms take both in the past and today.

If you have something in your family which can be added to our Clan collection,We would be delighted to hear from you.

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