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The Objectives of the Association are:

To foster friendship and social contacts among those with the name Davidson and associated names wherever they live.

To research the origins, traditions, history and genealogy of the name Davidson.

To develop interest in the places, sites and buildings linked with the name Davidson.

To publish newsletters and an annual journal to facilitate the above objectives and to maintain and develop a museum and library containing books, pictures, and objects relating to the Clan and the Name of Davidson.

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Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston, succeeds his father as Clan Chief

Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston, new Chief of Clan Davidson
Grant Davidson was inaugurated as the new Chief of the Clan Davidson on 9th May 2015 at a simple but colourful ceremony in Christchurch, New Zealand. A large gathering of clans folk attended the event, including representatives from the Clan Davidson Association in the UK and the Clan Davidson Society in Australia.

The Clan Davidson's distinguished Pipe-Major, Dr Lindsay Davidson, had especially composed and recorded pipe music for the occasion, and this was played before a Clan dinner. At the dinner, a superb rendition of Burn's Address to a Haggis was followed by toasts and speeches; messages of support for the new Clan Chief from the Clan Davidson USA were read out by the Chief's brother.

During the Inauguration event, Grant Davidson was presented with his Cromach (the ancient Scottish symbol of the shepherd who guides and protects his flock) by Dr Frank Davidson, Clan Davidson Society in Australia. This was followed by the presentation of the three-feathered bonnet (the three eagle feathers symbolising Clan Chieftanship) by Nick Hide, Clan Davidson Association in the UK. A ceremonial quaich, from which the new Chief drank the 'water of life' (whisky) was presented by Alex Davidson, President of the Clan Davidson Society, New Zealand.

Clan Davidson members in the UK had previously had the opportunity to meet Grant, and to welcome him to Scotland, back in 2007, when he joined us for our international Gathering at Tulloch Castle see "Past Events"

Death of Clan Davidson Chief
Alister 'Jock' Guthrie Davidson, 1924-2014

Alister 'Jock' Guthrie Davidson, former Chief of Clan Davidson

Alister Guthrie Davidson, or 'Jock' as most people knew him, was born to parents Wendela and Bill Davidson in New Zealand on 27 May 1924. He died unexpectedly on Boxing Day, 26 December 2014, aged 90, having shared 61 years of his life with his beloved wife, Mary. Jock was a loving husband, father, grandfather, and a great friend to many. 'Jock' succeeded to the Chiefship of the Clan Davidson in 1998.

After many years of research by groups around the world, the Lord Lyon of Edinburgh issued a warrant on 13 June 1996 to Duncan Hector Davidson of New Zealand, as Chief of the Clan Davidson worldwide. The chiefship had remained vacant since 1917 when Duncan Davidson, 6th Laird of Tulloch, died in Scotland.

Duncan Hector Davidson exercised his right to nominate his heir to the Chiefship (the right of tanistry) and, having no son, he nominated his cousin, Alister Guthrie Davidson. Alister was declared Chief following Duncan's death in 1998.

During his years as Chief, Jock and Mary have travelled to a variety of Clan events in Australia, the USA and the United Kingdom, and they have taken a keen interest in Clan activities, both at home in New Zealand and worldwide. In his later years, involvement in Clan affairs was a focus of interest for Jock, and he was a popular attendee at many Highland Games and Clan association events, maintaining a Clan Davidson presence at many functions. He will be much missed.


Donation from Viscount Davidson of Hatfield Peverel, Essex  

Donation of casts of armorial seals
CDA Member Malcolm, Viscount Davidson, has very kindly given some casts of armorial seals to the Clan Davidson Archives. These seals were used by Malcolm’s great grandfather John Davidson (1809-1895), and also by his distinguished grandfather, Sir James Mackenzie Davidson (1856-1919), a one-time President of the Clan Dhai Association.

The original seals would have been engraved in reverse, and impressions would have been made from a material which was soft at the time, and then hardened. These miniature items are important additions for the Clan Davidson Heraldry collection, and as they have been made from impressions, we can see all the detail from the correct viewpoint.
We would like to thank Viscount Davidson for his kind donation.
Davidson of Tulloch family monument in Kingston, where Saxon Kings were crowned  
Henry Davidson of Tulloch (1771-1827)
A significant monument to Henry Davidson of Tulloch (1771-1827) can be seen in All Saints Church, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, where three generations of this family are buried. It was at a much older church on this site that Saxon Kings of England were crowned. Clan Davidson is delighted that the current church team are working to develop the space both inside and outside their church - a multi-million pound project.

Our Clan Genealogist and Historical Researcher is representing Davidson interests on the church project team, to ensure that this historic Davidson connection is maintained. The church has received a large Lottery award from the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the development costs, and much progress has been made with the initial stages of the redevelopment project.
Restored porch of Kingston church
The ceiling has been redecorated and all its features can now be seen. The New Vestry and North Door were officially opened in early December 2013. Throughout January 2014, the new floor was laid with the hand-made Norfolk pallet tiles. The visual effect of this work is a vast improvement to the interior of the church. Fund raising continues in order to allow completion of the next stages. For more information, visit the church's very attractive website at

To raise full funding for the entire project, the church team led by Reverend Jonathan Wilkes, has launched an initiative under the banner Make History - Buy a Tile. Clan Davidson would like to encourage anyone with an interest in Davidson history to take the opportunity to contribute to this important project. For more information, click here:
Davidson Portrait Collection

Sculpture of Professor James Davidson
Our growing archive now comprises many thousands of historical portraits and photographs of Davidson people and families from around the world. We continue to find new images and recently sent an inquiry to the University of Adelaide about a sculpture of James Davidson, which we had found listed in a survey of items held by the University. Professor James Davidson (1885-1945), originated from Cheshire and had a distinguished career at the Waite Institute, University of Adelaide. His family has a strong link back to the Davidson heartland in the Central Highlands near Kingussie. The reference information for the Professor was originally provided by a Clan Davidson Member. An immediate response from the University and from later generations of this family, who still live in South Australia, has been extraordinarily positive. They have shared a picture of the sculpture of their grandfather, Professor James, and dozens of other important family documents and photos.

We welcome additions to our archive, which is used to help people around the world to trace their Davuidson ancestry. If you have any family pictures you may like to share with us, please get in touch.
Examples from our portrait archives
Davidson Family Trees

We are collecting Family Tree data from many sources to add to the historical information we already hold on file. Where possible, we link up the genealogical data with our portrait material. Our expertise in researching a wide range of archives has enabled us to help with inquiries into Davidson family history. We would be pleased to include in our collection any family tree information that you may be willing to tell us about.
Davidson Family Tree Example
Davidson Heraldry Collection

A heraldry item of significant historic interest has recently come to light. We believe that we may have found the original Grant of Arms and Letters Patent dated 1575 made to William Davidson or Davison, who was a Secretary of State in Queen Elizabeth I's Court. We are currently researching this historic artefact with the College of Arms in London.

To find out more about Davidson Heraldry see our section "Davidson Heraldry"
New Heraldry project find
Davidson Trails

Our Davidson Trails provide illustrated histories of Davidson links to the Highlands, Aberdeen and Northeast Scotland. We continue to research Davidson history across Scotland and now have substantially more information to be added to our Davidsons in the Highlands Trail.
Artefacts and Davidson Trail images
Invernahavon Stone in Australian Wall of History  
Stone from Invernahavon with Clan Davidson plaque
Setting of Invernahavon stone and Clan Davidson Wall plaque

A small but significant stone, gathered from the 14th century battlefield on Invernahavon in the Central Highlands of Scotland is now embedded within the Australian Wall of History at Glen Innes, New South Wales.

It was on the ancient battlefield of Invernahavon that Clan Davidson, in co-operation with its Clan Chattan allies, the Mackintoshes and Macphersons, fought off marauding Camerons, who had come cattle raiding.

At the International Clan Davidson Gathering at Tulloch Castle in 2007, James Davidson, Past President of the Clan Davidson Association, presented the piece of Scottish granite to the Clan Davidson Society in Australia, whose secretary, Iain Davidson, later dedicated the stone during the annual Australian Celtic Festival at the Glen Innes Standing Stones. Iain said that the Invernahavon Stone in the Wall of History would endure through the centuries, side by side with the Australian Standing Stones.

For more information about Clan Davidson sister societies around the world, see "Useful Links"

Clan Chief, Grant Davidson, and his wife Brenda
All Saints Church, Kingston-upon-Thames
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